RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Should Germany Nationalize Its Grid? - Editors, Der Spiegel
Can Coal Exports Help the Planet? - Mark Golden, Stanford Report
How Britain Went Tilting At Windmills - Michael Hanlon, Daily Telegraph
India's Unique Energy Problems - Keith Schneider, Energy Collective
Why Gas Exports May Not Be a Bonanza - Tyler Crowe, Motley Fool
A Convincing Post Mortem to Cap-and-Trade - David Roberts, Grist
When Fracking Hit the Twitterverse - Joshua Samac , Foreign Policy Assoc.
Why America Needs Less Canadian Oil - Peter Tertzakian, Globe & Mail
Are Women Safe in New Oil Boom Towns? - John Eligon, New York Times
Gas Bags: Hollywood vs. Fracking - Kyle Smith, New York Post

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

The Shift Of King Coal Is Bad for the Democrats - Reid Wilson, Nat'l Journal
Will EPA Chief Departure Mean Better Energy Policy? - Pete Sepp, USNWR
Energy Exports: The U.S. Untapped Option - Rep. Mike Pompeo, Politico
Energy Is a Tale of Creative Destruction - Robert Bradley, MasterResource
The Oil Patch Enters a New Tech Era - Shawn McCarthy, Globe and Mail
Does Crude by Rail Make Sense? - Deborah Rogers, EnergyPolicyForum
New Centralized Nuke Plants a Good Investment? - P.K. Detwiler, Forbes
On Iran's Nuclear Safety - U.N. Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee, NYTimes
Rain Does Little For Brazil's Energy Woes - Marco Sibaja, Associated Press
Jerry Brown Chided for Green Spending Spree Plan - C. Megerian , LAT
Power's Down? Blame Generator Pollution - Sandy Bauers, Philly Inquirer
Beijing Is Suffocating Amid Deadly Smog - Tiff Roberts, BusinessWeek
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