RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

California Could Be Next Oil Boom State - Steve Hargreaves, CNNMoney
The Great Oil Swindle - Nafeez M. Ahmed, Foreign Policy In Focus
2013: Cheapest Gas in 4 Years? - Jen Alic,
Critics of LNG Exports Don't Understand the World - Energy Tribune
Spurring Innovation in the Energy Ranks - Salvatore Salamone, EnergyBiz
U.S. Seeks to Advance Small Nuclear Reactors - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
National Grid Puts Together a Smart Grid Dream Team - AOL Energy
The Clean Energy Revolution at DoE - Matthew Stepp, The Energy Collective
Greens to Prez Obama: Act Now on Climate - Erica Martinson, Politico

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Should America Exploit Energy Exports? - Amy Harder, National Journal
America: The Saudi Arabia of Tomorrow - Frida Ghitis, CNN
Energy Policy: Getting Rid of the Party Lines - Jim Pauley, The Hill
The Government Can't Mandate Green Energy - Michael Lynch, USNWR
The Pro-Nukes Environmental Movement - Keith Kloor, Slate
Politicos Guilty of Carbon Tax Mischief - Washington Times
The EPA Washes Out in Virginia - Hans von Spakovsky, Examiner
This New Hybrid Train Cuts Emissions By 25% - Ben Schiller, Co.Exist
An Engine That Uses Half the Fuel - Kevin Bullis, MIT Tech Review
France Throws Lifeline to Struggling Solar Industry - Joe Gurowsky, FPA
Oil's Divisive Influence in Iraq - Amy Myers Jaffe, Energy Collective
Is China's Green Energy Sector Growing? - Carin Hall, OilPrice
China Is Choking on Its Enviro Complacency - Kelly McParland, Nat'l Post
Should Nations Be Liable for Climate Damages? - Fred Pearce, Yale 360
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