RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Why You Shouldn't Read Energy Outlooks - Maxx Chatsko, Motley Fool
Big Oil Beats Buffett in Rail Investments Surge - Lee & Penty, Bloomberg
Shale Glee Starting to Spread - Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
An Energy War Brews Around Lonely Islands - Richard Martin, Forbes
Will Natural Gas Vehicles Be in Our Future? - Alan Krupnick, RFF
Energy Taxes Belong to NJ Towns - Janice Mironov, Times of Trenton
The New Deal for UK Energy Efficiency - David Thomas, Triple Pundit
Beijing's Blackest Day - Editors, The Economist
On Which Nation's Fate Does Nuclear Rest? - Mark Flanagan, NEI Notes
A Sweltering Planet's Agenda - Editorial, Washington Post

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Are U.S. Oil Imports Up or Down? - Ben Casselman, Wall Street Journal
Why are Banks Allowed to Manipulate Oil Markets? - D. Chu, OilPrice
A Less Than Sunny Outlook for Energy This Year - Heading Out, TOD
Behind China's Roaring Solar Industry - Mike Silverstein, Harvard Biz Rvw
When Scientists Saw the Light on Solar Power - James Temple, SF Chron
Exempting the Poor From a Carbon Tax - Paul Boudreaux, CSM
Like We've Been Saying: Radiation Is No Biggie - James Conca, Forbes
Here's Chuck Hagel's Real Problem - Matthew Cooper, National Journal
Climate Alarmism Is a Surreal Idea - David Roberts, Grist
Keeping Enviro Reporting Strong No Easy Task - Margaret Sullivan, NYT
The New War For Afghanistan's Untapped Oil - Antonia Juhasz, Quartz
High Costs Threaten Norway's Oil Recovery - Gwladys Fouche, Reuters
Ending Virginia's "Dinosaur Tax" - Geoffrey Styles, Energy Tribune
Who's Afraid of Fracking? Not the Regulators - Deroy Murdock, NRO
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