RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

The Business Case for Clean Energy - William Becker, Huff Post
Climate Impact, If Any, Of Keystone - P. Knappenberger, Cato @ Liberty
Climate Change: The Size Of the Challenge - Editors, ERL
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Report: Nat. Gas Exports Won't Raise Prices - Dave Fehling, StateImpact
Solar: Future Very Sunny - P. Kelly-Detwiler, Forbes
Are Dark Energy Theories In Trouble? - Editors, Science Daily

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Who Should Be the Next Energy Secretary? - L. Steffy, Houston Chronicle
Energy Industry Still Leads U.S. in Wage Growth - M. Handley, USNWR
A Revolution in Nuclear Power? - Walter Russell Mead, American Interest
Solyndra Stunk. The Green Stimulus Didn't - James Tankersley, WaPo
Google Plugging Away on Renewables Investments - A.M., The Atlantic
The Creepiest Thing About Chesapeake Energy - Alyce Lomax, Motley Fool
Will Fracking Lead to Cheap Oil For All? - Alex Hern, New Statesman
Innovation Watch: Traceable Gas-Drilling Fluids - Andrew Revkin, NYT
Getting Bent Out of Shape About the PTC - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
Japan's Primitive Fukushima Clean Up - Hiroko Tabuchi, NY Times
Winning Strategies in Latin American Energy - Andres Cala, E. Tribune
Ghosts of 2001: Brazil Fears Another Power Crisis - A. Boadle, Reuters
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