RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Shell's Alaska Rig Debacle: The Tip of the Iceberg? - John Daly, OilPrice
Keystone XL in 2013: It's Anyone's Guess - Lisa Song, InsideClimate News
New York Sheds Light on its Fracking Plans - Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz
Big Wind: Twice as Expensive as You Think - Tom Tanton, Master Resource
Will 'Promised Land' Change Anyone's Mind? - The Energy Collective
Michael Levi Just Doesn't Get Methanol - Bill Tucker, Nuclear Townhall
The Environmental Buzzword of 2013? Resilience - Bryan Walsh, Time
What Do Global Warming Skeptics Fear? - Russ Finley, Con. Energy Report
2012: Greater Climate Concern, But No Action - David Hone, E. Collective

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

What's Ahead for the Energy in 2013? - Amy Harder, National Journal
The Past, Present & Future of US Clean Energy Policy - Matt Stepp, Forbes
Energy Traders Brace for February 'Swaps' Report Deadline - AOL
Oil Barons & Tech Hipsters Share a Dark Side - Christopher Swann, Slate
Natural Gas as a Bridge Fuel to the Future - Michael Levi, CFR
Natural Gas Is a Bridge to Nowhere - David Roberts, Grist
Is Al Gore a Hypocrite for Selling Current TV? - Leon Kaye, Triple Pundit
Are Windmills Causing Health Problems? - Dan Haugen, Midwest Energy
Will Natural Gas Prices Push $5 in 2013? - South/Muckerman, Motley Fool
Is the U.S. Getting Fair Share of Coal Royalties? - Erica Martinson, Politico
Florida Tries to Get Back to Its Past of Oil Glory - Starr Spencer, Platts
UK's New Year Shale Gas Revolution - Peter Glover, Energy Tribune
It's Time to Rebuild for the Next Sandy - Katherine Hamilton, AOL Energy
Drilling For Shale in Arkansas - David Rotman, MIT Technology Review
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