RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

A Kickstarter For Green Energy - Brian Dumaine, Fortune Magazine
Bad Tax Policy Makes Bad Energy Policy - Charles Ebinger, Brookings
Fracknation: An Elegant Antidote to Media Misinfo - Mark Mills, NRO
Open Fuel Standard's Chances - D. Gartenstein-Ross, Truman Doctrine
Natural Gas Battles With EVs in GE Auto Fleet - Tim Catts, Bloomberg
Brazil's Envied Energy Matrix a Victim of "Hubris" - Jeb Blount, Reuters
Norway Project Gives Osmotic Energy a Shake - Dean Clark, NatGeo
Hobbled on Energy, India Ponders a Multitude of Dams - R. Nuwer, NYT
Drastics Changes Needed to Fix Arab Warming - The Financial Express

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Why Other U.S. Energy Revolution Matters - William Pentland, Forbes
Say Goodbye to Last Year's Low Gas Prices - Gary Strauss, USA Today
Bursting the Natural Gas Bubble - Thomas Hedges, TruthDig
Myths, Math & Energy Independence - Gwynne Dyer, MetroWest
Did EPA Email Scandal Force Jackson to Step Down? - John Fund, NRO
Let New York's Frack Revolution Begin! - Investor's Business Daily
Geopolitics Keeps Oil Markets Tense - S.R. Husain, Saudi Gazette
Global Hot Spots to Fan the Flames of Oil's Critics - The Independent
Arctic Dangers to Oil Platforms - Neal Lineback, National Geographic
Investors Spooked By 'Complex' UK Energy Bill - E. Gosden, Telegraph
Avoiding Cleantech's Catch-22 - Richard Stuebi, Cleantech Blog
Al Gore, Friend of the Petro-State - Rex Murphy, National Post
The Staten Island Ferry Is Going Green - Keith Barry, Wired
Richmond Should Value Its Oil Refinery - A. Epstein, MasterResource
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