RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Post PTC, Wind Faces New Questions - Mark del Franco, N.A. Windpower
Europe's Green Renaissance Is Delivering Coal - Editors, The Economist
Shale Gas Won't Change the Game - Gwynne Dyer, Sudbury Star
Renewables for the 100 Percent - Rosana Francescato, Energy Collective
Hollywood Goes Anti-Fracking in "Promised Land" - M. Rubinkham, AP
A Bullish Case for Global Energy Investing - Derek Chipman, Seeking Alpha
Clarifying Public Investment in Clean Energy - Matthew Stepp, CR
Buffett Sees Bright Days Ahead for Solar - Tom Taulli, InvestorPlace
Energy Theft Going From Bad to Worse - Liz Enbysk, SmartGridNews
Nanoparticles Reach New Peaks - Alexey Volkov and Xiangwei Wu, Rice U.

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Top 10 Power Predictions for 2013 - Rusty Braziel, O&G Financial Journal
13 Energy Data Startups to Keep an Eye On - Katie Fehrenbacher, GigaOm
Fusion's Dreamers, Hucksters, & Loons - Charles Seife, Slate
An Unstoppable & Volatile Force of Innovation - P. Kelly-Detwiler, Forbes
2013 Will Be a Huge Year For Wind - David Roberts, Grist
Can Fracking Be Done Safely? - Mark Brownstein, MIT Technology Review
Why Riyadh Cares About the Fiscal Cliff - Daniel Graeber,
Shell's Oil Rig Runs Aground in Alaska - Mia Bennett, F.P. Association
Can Africa Satisfy Its Own Power Hunger? - Mike Pflanz, C.S. Monitor
Is Extracting w/o Strip Mining Possible? - David Biello, Scientific American
The Unraveling Middle Eastern Energy Evolution - Robin Mills, National
Soundly Rejecting the EPA's Flawed Science - M. Economides, E. Tribune
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