RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

2012: Global Warming Became a Reality - Seth Borenstein, Salon
Glacial Retreat Threatens Water Resources - Tom Schueneman, EC
Climate Science vs. Politics: The Road Ahead - Fred Singer, Amer.Thinker
Is Nuclear Necessary to Solve Global Warming? - Neil Hirst, Guardian
EPA: Wood, Gas, Coal All Bad - Just Freeze! - William Jasper, New Amer.
Independence From Fossil Fuels? No Such Thing - Kurt Cobb, CSM
California Desert Solar Ignores Better Sites - Chris Clarke, Rewire
Apple Invents Windmill That Generates Heat - Mikey Campbell, Apple In.
The Value of Storage for Renewable Energy - David Wogan, Sci. Am.
Taxes & Subsidies Are Bad for Green Energy - William Watson, OC Register
China and Australia: Two Energy Visions - John Mathews, Eco-Business
Promising Energy Stocks for Your Portfolio - Selena Maranjian , Motley Fool

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

The Top Nine Energy Numbers from 2012 - Todd Woody, Forbes
What the Fiscal Cliff Means for Big Energy - Brian Scheid, Platts
Oil's Impact on the Economy in 2012 Was Huge - Patrice Hill, Wash Times
Smart Grid for 2013: Charged for Growth - Brad Gammons, AOL Energy
2012 Was a Massive Growth Year for Solar - Rani Molla, GigaOm
The Green Energy Scam You May Have Missed - Donald Lambro, Townhal
New York & The Renewable Energy Highway - Barry Cassell, EnergyBiz
'Dilbit': Canada's Toxic Export to the U.S. - Lisa Song, InsideClimate News
Iraq's Oil Surge Could Threaten the Saudis - G. Smith and M. Shenk, BBW
Poland's Shale Gas Dream or Nightmare? - Dimiter Kenarov, Foreign Policy
Kyoto's Demise: Grave-Dancing Part 2 - Robert Bradley, Master Resource
Is Weather More Extreme in a Warmer World? - Art Horn, Energy Trib
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