RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Gas Gusher Re-Writing the Power Rules - Jesse David Jenkins, Discover
Capitalizing on LNG Economics - Robert Samuelson, Washingotn Post
The Chart About Oil's Future Everyone Should See - Kurt Cobb, CSM
The False Promise of Energy Independence - Michael Levi, NY Times
2012 Was A Big Year For Fossil Fuels - Rachel Martin & J.R. West, NPR
U.S. Energy Plan Dissolves Faster Than Oil in the Gulf - E.R., Bloomberg
21st Century Robber Barons - Paul Driessen, Canada Free Press
A Career In Energy Can Still Be Pretty Cool - James McCallum, National
What's Up Next For Oil, Gas, and Renewables? - David Unger, CSM
Why It's The End Of The Line For Wind - Christopher Helman, Forbes
California Cap-and-Trade Cronyism - Robert Bradley, MasterResource
Green Building Power Use Falls Short - Thomas Frank, USA Today
Polish Coal-Aholics Wage War on the Climate - Joel Stonington, Spiegel
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