RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

The Cost of Banning Natural Gas Exports - Michael Lynch, US News & WR
Maybe Climate Isn't a Problem After All - Tim Worstall, Forbes
4 of 5 Americans Say Temperatures Are Rising - Seth Borenstein, Huff Post
A Major Setback for Carbon Capture & Storage - David Hone, EC
Greeks Shiver as Fuel Tax Rises - The National
Assessing Germany's Shift to Renewables - Sabine Kinkartz, DW
Evangelical Scientist's Climate Wish List - Sally Steenland, Cent/Am. Prog.
Energy Predictions and Nils Bohr - William Tucker, Nuclear Townhall
Stop Naysaying Solar and Get On the Bus! - Danny Kennedy, Forbes
Can Man-Made Tornadoes Generate Electricity? - Liz Klimas, The Blaze

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Exporting Natural Gas a Win for America - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
China & Russia: Too Big for NatGas Deal to Succeed - Bill Powell, Platts
Sasol's Answer to the Natural Gas Highway: Convert the Fuel - Forbes
U.S. Oil Boom Signals Energy Independence - Asjylyn Loder, Bloomberg
The Federal Energy Revolution in R&D - Martin Rosenberg, EnergyBiz
Big Energy & Obama: Sunnier Than You Think - Robert Rapier, Forbes
The Nation's Nuclear Plants Are Nuked - Glenn Williams, AOL Energy
Hollywood Taps into Public's Fracking Fears - Rick Karlin, Fuel Fix
Even the World Bank Says The Poor Need Coal - Kate Sheppard, MoJo
Wind PTC Must Be Extended to Save Jobs - Senator Jeff Bingaman, Politico
The Daily Energy - Today's News, Tomorrow's Opportunities
Harnessing the Power of Squishy Generators - Neil Savage, IEEE Spectrum
What Is the Water-Energy Nexus? - Nick Aster, Triple Pundit
Let Them Eat Solar Panels - Todd Moss, Breakthrough Institute