RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Thank You For Fracking - Tom Chiarella, Esquire Magazine
Will Natural Gas Fall Below $3? - Lior Cohen, Seeking Alpha
U.S. Gas Exports Could Break Russian Dominance - Sen. Lugar, SD U-T
Let America's Gas Industry Boom - Donald Boudreaux, New York Post
What Does Energy Independence Really Mean? - Jared Anderson, AOL
All Roads Leading to Nat Gas-Powered Cars - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
It's Time We Learn to Love Carbon Capture - James Smith, Guardian
Should Congress Support Wind Tax Credit? - Sen. Lamar Alexander, NJ

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

America's Green Energy Debate Is Pathetic - Editorial, Washington Post
How Shale Oil Is Supercharging the U.S. Economy - Julie Carey, Forbes
Depending on Energy, Not Energy Independent - Ken Green, American
Obama Should Green Light Sending Nat Gas Abroad - New York Times
A Secretary John Kerry Would Elevate Climate Issue - Coral Davenport, NJ
The (Stubborn) Myth of Green Investing - L. Basenese, Wall St. Daily
Strategies for Accelerating Cleantech Startups - Byron McCann, GeekWire
A123 Saga Points to Futility of Gov't Tech Investments - D. Johnson, IEEE
Solar and Big Oil Join Forces in Middle East - Jen Alic, OilPrice
Energy Revolution Defangs Chavez - Walter R. Mead, American Interest
Three Takeaways From Last Week's OPEC Meeting - Blake Clayton, CFR
Green Gouging the Sheeple in Europe - Andrew McKillop, Market Oracle
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