RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

America's Latest: The Tuscaloosa Shale Play - Braden Holt, OilPrice
Exxon's Dangerous Energy Outlook - Lorne Stockman, OilChange
Ramping Up Government Control of Energy - Jeffrey Folks, Amer. Thinker
Frum is Wrong on Clean Energy Investment - Matthew Stepp, Forbes
Doha Buries Climate Action in the Desert - Editors, World Wildlife Fund
Loosening Nature's Grip on Environmentalism - Keith Kloor, Slate
A123's Sale to Wanxiang: It's Not About China - Tubb & Scissors, Foundry
We're Also Facing a Gas Cliff - Martin Rosenberg, EnergyBiz
Finding Sustainable Technologies That Work - Tim Smedley, The Guardian
Metamaterials May Boost Wireless Transmission - Tim Wogan, PhysWorld

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

How to Profit from the $1 Trillion Energy Bonanza - Street Authority
U.S. Oil Gusher Deals Blow to OPEC - Walter R. Mead, American Interest
America's Most Favored Industry - Robert Bryce, National Review Online
U.S. Must Pursue Energy Autonomy - Gregg Laskoski, US News & World
The Middle East's Surprising Appetite for Oil - Blake Clayton, CFR
Mapping the Road to Chinese Shale - E. Hinckley, Consumer Energy Report
Brazil's Booming Business of Big Data - Reuven Cohen, Forbes
The Hidden Costs of Nuclear Power - Russel Hoffman, CounterPunch
Why a Coal Terminal Deserves a Shot - Timmons & Krohn, Seattle Times
Solar Panels for Every Home - David Crane & Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., NYT
The Perceived Utility of a Carbon Tax - Paul Knappenberger, OC Register
Why Climate Change Denial Is Just Hot Air - Phil Plait, Slate
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