RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

They All Laughed at Mitt Romney . . . - Andrew Restuccia, Poliico
The Best Energy Policy? None - John Sununu, Boston Globe
We Don't Need a National Energy Plan - William Tucker, Nuclear Townhall
Forget Kyoto, Focus on China - Tristan Edis, Business Spectator
China Has Shale But It Will Be Hard to Mine - Kevin Bullis, Tech Review
Norway Builds a Thorium Reactor - Peter Murray, SingularityHUB
The Capitol's Power Plant Is As Dirty As Ever - Jeff Biggers, Huff Post
Outlook Is Bad for Biolfuels, Prices and EVs - Joe LeSage, AutoBlogGreen
$227 Million for Clean Energy Produces 500 Jobs - Jeff Amy, SunHerald
Two Yale Profs Draw Energy from Thin Air - Eddie Wang, Yale Daily News

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

What Could Go Wrong for U.S. Energy in 2013? - D.L. Smith, Daily Finance
Let the Free Market Dictate the Energy Industry - Michael Lynch, US News
U.S. Should Establish Energy Strategy Council - Lott & Dorgan, The Hill
Fiscal Cliff Deal Should Avoid Fuel Tax Hikes - Washington Times
U.S. Delays, China Advances on Canadian Oil - Derek Scissors, Heritage
The Downside of Energy Independence - Michael Brenner, CounterPunch
Welcome to Saudi Albany? - Adam Davidson, New York Times Magazine
Meet 2012's Best-Performing Energy Stock - Mitchell Hall, Seeking Alpha
Building a Supercomputer to Hunt For Oil - Kirsten Korosec, SmartPlanet
Cities Aim to Flush Heat Energy Out of Sewers - Rachel Kaufman, Nat Geo
GE Is Well Positioned to Ride Global Energy Demand - Trefis Team, Forbes
The Rare Earth Crisis Is Over - Tim Worstall, Forbes
Green Schools Not Living Up to Their Hype - Thomas Frank, USA Today
Did Doha Sputter or Succeed? - Craig Rucker, National Review Online
Is Mongolia's Resource Boom Collapsing? - Charles Kennedy, OilPrice
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