RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Can Flex-Fuel Cars Put the U.S. on Road to Low Oil Prices? - Guardian
California Dems Covet Carbon-Market $$$ - Steven Greenhut, Bloomberg
Change the Wind Credit & Boost Investment - Zack Colman, The Hill
Warm Winter Forecast Chills NatGas Producers - Zain Shauk, Fuel Fix
The Gas Revolution Is a Moneymaker - Matthew Boesler, Business Insider
Who Will Lead for Obama on the Climate? - Jason Plautz, InsideClimate
Surprise! Side Effect of Shale Gas Boom? Coal Boom Overseas - Forbes
Energy Diversity Is Key to National Security - Margaret Ryan, AOL Energy
The U.S. Should Exports Its Natural Gas - Ryan Olson, The Foundry

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

The Top 5 Energy Stories of 2012 - Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Forbes
What's at Stake for Energy in the Fiscal Cliff? - Amy Harder, Nat'l Journal
A Mandate for a Fuel That Doesn't Exist? - Meghan Gordon, The Barrel
Sen. Bingaman Lets His Work Do the Talking - Andrew Restuccia, Politico
What Has Electric Deregulation Cost You? - Loren Steffy, Fuel Fix
Energy Experts: Drilling Can Be Made Cleaner - Begos & Borenstein, Yahoo
LNG Is the New Golden Child of Energy - Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz
Canadian Oil Sands: Economics vs. Environment - Jared Anderson, AOL
What's With All the Buzz about Moroccan Oil? - Tamsin Carlisle, Platts
Nuclear Plants in the U.S. Rethink Disasters - Ray Henry, Boston Globe
Big Utilities' Big Data Challenge - Benjamin Lack, The Energy Collective
Why Doha Failure Might Still Be a Success - Christian Science Monitor
The Doha Climate Joke - Jen Alic,
And the Dirtiest City in American Goes To...... - Chris Helman, Forbes
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