RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Forget Doom Merchants, Brits Need Fracking - Boris Johnson, Telegraph
UK Energy Plan: A Model for a Low-Carbon Future? - Jon Hurdle, AOL
Tapping the North American Gusher - Mary O'Grady, Wall Street Journal
More Renewables Will Mean More Fossil Fuel - Ralph Vartabedian, LAT
The Global Climate Scofflaw - James Traub, Foreign Policy Magazine
Weather Disasters Prove Need for Carbon Tax - Rich Caperton, US News
Why Making It in America Is Climate Smart - Carl Pope, Huffington Post
Scrubbing Smokestacks Will Boost Efficiency - Prachi Patel, Tech Review
Gas Security in Northeast Asia at Crossroads - K.W. Paik, Chatham House
How To Avoid Looming Energy Security Crisis - James Conca, Forbes

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Everyone Can Benefit From a Nat Gas Tax - Steven Pearlstein, Wash Post
Energy Prices are the Fiscal Cliff - Marita Noon, Townhall
Rapid Energy Transition Are Impossible - Kenneth Green, The American
Smarter Grid Is a Smart Investment - Barrett/Thorne/Harner, Examiner
Canadian Energy Doesn't Need Foreign Capital - Jim Stanford, G&M
Looks Like Big Oil Is Going to Keep Its Subsidies - A. Kroll, Mother Jones
Iranian Oil and the Global Future - Heading Out, The Oil Drum
Warming Can Be Stopped w/o Politicians Help - Wlliam Hewitt, Salon
It's All About the Dough at Doha - Mark Landsbaum, O.C. Register
Arctic Carbon Bomb May Be Bigger Than Expected - Eli Kintisch , Science
UK Energy Bill Reforms Triple Green Subsidies - Peter Glover, E. Tribune
The Bohemian Nuclear Appeal - Mark Flanagan, NEI Energy Notes
Japan's Plutonium Policy - Shunsuke Kondo, New York Times
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