RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Prices, Not Policy, Will Determine Gas Exports - Ed McAllister, Reuters
Natural Gas Exports: A Pipe Dream w/ Fuzzy Math - Steve LeVine, Quartz
The World Climate Fund Is an Empty Shell - Dinseh Sharma, India Today
'Climate Cliff' Needs Urgent Action - Ray Offenheiser & Tim Wirth, Politico
Carbon Tax Will Fight Climate, Stimulate Economy - Joe Romm, EC
Is an Electric Car Worth It? - Zach, EV Obsession
The Dark Side of Solar Energy - Editors, Appeal-Democrat
Solar: Rise of the Poorly Made Modules - Ucilia Wang, Renew. Energy World
Koch Bros. Fund Bogus Studies to Kill Renewables - Elliot Negin, Huff Post
Why Idaho Is Talking Nuke Waste, Again - Kevin Richert, Idaho Statesman
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RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Obama's Energy Dilemma: It's Growth or Greens - Joel Kotkin, Daily Beast
So, How Are Your Green Stocks Doing? - Steve Goreham, Washington Times
A Wounded Coal Industry Battles a Rockefeller - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
Oil, Natural Gas, the Economy and GHG - Marshall Kaplan, Fuel Freedom
Will Oil Consumption Continue to Decline? - James Hamilton, Econbrowser
How Wildcatter Harold Hamm Got His Start - Christopher Helman, Forbes
Guessing the Next Energy Secretary - Matthew Stepp, The Energy Collective
Thoughts on a Long-Awaited Study on Liquified NG - Michael Levi, CFR
Will NatGas Exports Boost the Economy? - Brad Plumer, Washington Post
Natural Gas Regulation: A Dilemma of Abundance - Margaret Ryan, AOL
Going Beyond Carbon Dioxide - Zaelke & Ramanathan, New York Times
How Can the Costs of Climate Change Be Mitigated? - The Economist
The Energy Efficiency Push Is Under Way - Darren Goode, Politico
Energy Efficiency Has a Long Way to Go - Derek Sands, The Barrel
Smart Grid: Costly & Complex, But Vital - Douglass/Gallucci, InsideClimate
O's 2nd Term Looks Positive for Transmission - Carl Dombek, EnergyBiz
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