RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

The Curious Tale of Rising Global Oil Prices - Robin Mills, The National
U.K. Jumping on Gas Bandwagon - Walter Russell Mead, American Interest
LNG Tanker Traffic Picking Up in the Arctic - Mia Bennett , FPA
California Must Lead on Energy Reform - Editorial, Los Angeles Times
A Subsidy That's Blowin' in the Wind - Steve Gorham, LV Review-Journal
Money Worries Loom Over Doha Talks - John Broder, New York Times
Hybrids Surging Ahead Despite So-So Sales - Daniel Gross, The Daily Beast
Smart Grid Could Have Aided Storm Sandy Recovery - Jon Hurdle, AOL

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Why's the IEA Report Considered Good News? - Eyal Aronoff, Fuel Freedom
A Bird's Eye View Of Exxon's Giant New Houston Complex - Forbes
George W. Bush: The Hero of US Wind Energy - Dave Zgodzinski, OilPrice
Can We Reinvigorate Clean Energy? - Matthew Stepp, Energy Collective
The EPA Low-Balls the Costs of Its Regs - Barry Casselman, EnergyBiz
The Significant Impact of U.S. Oil Production - F. Holmes, Seeking Alpha
Natural Gas Industry's Cyber Concerns - Talia Buford, Politico
Fracking in the US: Britain and Shale Gas - Carol Matlack, Bloomberg BW
Race Is On to Clean Up Hydraulic Fracturing - Erica Gies, New York Times
Collaboration Is Key for the Future of NatGas - Nanci Tellam, Triple Pundit
Canada's Oil Sands: A Delicate Dance of Factors - Jared Anderson, AOL
U.S. Energy Revolution Transforms Climate Debate - Dieter Helm, ET
Environmentalists' Power Trips - Rothbard and Rucker, Washington Times
Double Your Trouble with Nuclear - Mangano and Sherman, CounterPunch
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