RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

LNG Exports Help, Not Harm, Economy & Environment - Bill Cooper, Hill
Farewell Fluorescent Bulbs? - David Unger, Christian Science Monitor
The Case For and Against Renewables - John Kingston, Platts
A Turning Point for Mountaintop Removal Coal? - John McQuaid, Forbes
What Independence? Pump Prices Rise w/ Production - Loren Steffy, FF
Obama Can Tackle Carbon Emissions w/o Congress - David Rogers, Grist
Carbon Tax: Climatically Useless - Chip Knappenberger, MasterResource
An Easy Guide to the World's Energy Use - Tollefson/Monastersky, Nature

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Expensive Oil Weighs Down the Economy - Fred Smith & PX Kelley, NRO
NatGas Is Poised for Slow & Steady Rise - Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Forbes
When the U.S. No Longer Needs MidEast Oil... - Loren Thompson, Forbes
Is Doha the Graveyard for Fuel Subsidies? - Karl Ritter, CS Monitor
Another GOP Attempt at EPA Transparency - Barry Cassell, EnergyBiz
New Dangers Detected at Fracking Sites? - Lisa Song, InsideClimate News
Ethanol Labels at the Pump: A High-Octane Fight - Darius Dixon, Politico
Mexico's New Prez Ices Needed Energy Reform - Raul Gallegos, G&M
Japan Scrambles the Planet for Gas Deals - Tim Daiss, Energy Tribune
GE's Grid IQ Solutions as a Service - Todd Jackson, AOL Energy
A 'Real World' Solution to Climate Talks? - Daniel Graeber, OilPrice
How to Save $1M by Renting Nuclear-Powered Icebreakers - Quartz
Blame Oil for the Canceled NHL Lockout? - Brad Plumer, Washington Post
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