RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Pressure Grows on Obama to Decide Keystone - CER News Desk, CSM
Suddenly It's Susan Rice Who's the "Fat Cat" - Jim Kouri, Examiner
Are US Shale Resources Being Overstated? - Jon Hurdle, AOL Energy
The Folks That Shale Has Made Millionaires - Daily Reckoning, Bus. Insider
We Can Still Avert The Worst on Climate Change - Ed Davey, Guardian
Studies Question Our Carbon Allies: Soil, Plants - Robert Krier, Kenn. Jour.
Public Moved on Climate, Will Obama? - Bauerlein & Jeffrey, Moth. Jones
3 Things That Won't Change w/ US Independence - Chris Neiger, MF
New Hope for Advanced Batteries - James Greenberger, Energy Collective
Now That's What I Call Energy Research! - Alex Madrigal, Atlantic

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Obama Keystone Call May Preview Energy Plan - Josh Lederman, AP
Why Isn't Obama Embracing a Carbon Tax? - Mijin Cha, American Prospect
Obama's Chance to Fix Climate Politics - Becker/Gerstenzang, USA Today
Let the States Regulate the Gas Bounty - Mark Maddox, Wash Examiner
Lobbyists Trying to Halt State Green Mandates - Ken Silverstein, Forbes
Chicago's Battle of the Efficient Roofs - Elizabeth Daigneau, Governing
DOE Launches Its Battery Manhattan Project - Carl Franzen, TP Memo
The 75-Watt Bulb Has a Dim Future - Caroline Winter, BusinessWeek
U.S. Gas Boom Could Kill Eco-Cars - David Booth, National Post
Americans Are Giving Diesels a Second Look - Doron Levin, Fortune
Why Hybrid Cars Are Dying - Bill Howard, ExtremeTech
How To Make a Bundle on Energy Efficiency - Jeffrey Ball, Slate
Should You Pay Attention to the UN Climate Talks? - Michael Levi, CFR
Chaos and Uncertainty Fom Inside Fukushima - Hiroko Tabuchi, NY Times
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