RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Oil Prices and the Fiscal Cliff - Gail Tverberg, Energy Collective
It's Not Global Warming OR the Economy - M. Sanjayan, Huffington Post
Donahue: Energy Boom Will Ease Fiscal Woes - Tim Devaney, Wash.Times
Oil Jobs at Highest Point Since 1988 - Mark Perry, Seeking Alpha
Renewables Are at the Tipping Point on Subsidies - PRWeb, SFGate
Another Small Step for Small Reactors - Matt Wald, New York Times
Was It a Billion That Died at Chernobyl . . ? - Gwynne Dyer, Salt Lake Trib.
LNG Is Renewable Energy's Best Friend - Tristan Edis, Climate Spectator
Why Jim Rogers Should Be Obama's Energy Sec'y - Paul Barrett, BBW
Denser Cities Are the Key to Lowering Carbon - Alex Steffen, Grist
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RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

What's Hot and What's Not for Energy in 2013? - Matthew Hulbert, Forbes
Solving One of Oil's Biggest Global Headaches - Steve LeVine, Quartz
Oil Boom Will Only Last a Decade. Then What? - James Hamilton, OilPrice
With Keystone Nixed, Big Oil Puts Crude on the Train - Lisa Hymas, Grist
Is a Carbon Tax a Snake in the Fiscal Cliff's Grass? - Ron Arnold, Wash Ex
Coal Has Potential to Reinvent Itself & Stay Alive - B. Cassell, EnergyBiz
A Subsidy That's Blowin' in the Wind - Steve Goreham, Energy Tribune
Vinod Kholsa Is Still Bullish on Clean Tech - Randall Smith, NT Times
A New World of U.S. Energy Independence - Tom Keane, Boston Globe
Disruptive Energy Technology: GTL Promises Gas Revolution - AOL
Cybersecurity Protects Natural Gas Supply - Jibson and McCurdy, Politico
What Does It Take to Get Booted from the Gulf? - Loren Steffy, Fuel Fix
BP: A Culture That 'Forgot to be Afraid' - Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Forbes
Is This the Planet We Want to Leave Behind? - Eugene Robinson, Wash Post
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