RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

10 Reasons to Doubt Independence Claims - Matthew Hulbert, OilPrice
The Time for a Carbon Tax is Now - Craig Severence, Energy Collective
We Need Energy Evolution, Not Revolution - Craig Pirrong, Wall Street Pit
Myth of Abundance Impedes Climate Progress - Kurt Cobb, CSM
Ukraine Tries to Cut Loose from Russia - Sacramento Bee
World Must Address Melting Permafrost - Dan Yawitz, Climate Central
Acidic Oceans Are Dissolving Snails - Lindsay Abrams, Atlantic
NGVs Can Grow Without Government Help - Jon Hurdle, AOL Energy
A Russian View of Solar Energy - Igor Zubkov, Voice of Russia
Biggest Black Hole Blast Could Solve Mystery - Jesse Emspak, Space

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

3 Key Drivers of Energy Independence - Travis Hoium, Motley Fool
Taylor Wilson: Is He the Bill Gates of Energy? - Eamonn Fingleton, Forbes
What Can Protect Us Against the Next Sandy? - Chris Collins, AOL Energy
Should Taxpayers Pay More for Energy Production? - K. Wolfe, Politico
Synthetic Fuels Could Be a Game-Changer - John Sullivan, Princeton
How Will the Gulf Drilling Lease Sale Go Today? - Jennifer Dlouhy, FF
Turning Aside the 'Regulatory Flood' - Mark Green, Energy Tomorrow
Are We About to Head Over the 'Climate Cliff' Too? - Bryan Walsh, Time
U.N. Climate Talks Promise Little Drama - John Broder, New York Times
England's Carbon Cure Faces Economic Obstacles - Stanley Reed, NY Times
Should We Look to Sweden for Energy 'Inspiration'? - Energy Collective
Gaza and Israeli Gas - Michael Economides & Ayala Sorek, Energy Tribune
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