RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

The DOE Is Betting Big on Small Nuke Plants - Matt Wald, New York Times
What We Missed in the IEA's Global Energy Report - Richard Gilbert, G&M
Australia to Become Global LNG Juggernaut - Economides/Wang, ET
The Unintended Consequences of Cold Fusion - Mark Gibbs, Forbes
The Peril of China's Clean Energy Push - Ehren Goossens, BusinessWeek
Obama: You Can't Separate Economy and Climate - Joe Romm, EC
Bryan Ferry: Wind Is Scarring the British Countryside - Telegraph
In the War on Coal, Time to Sell Arch - Kofi Bofah, Seeking Alpha
Five Ways Wind Can Survive without the PTC - Elias Hinckley, CS Mointor
Right Time for Carbon Tax is Never - David Kreutzer, The Foundry
Climate: The Standard Fixes Don't Work - Gail Tverberg, Business Insider
California Shale Formation Is 4X Size of Bakken - Joao Peixe , OilPrice
African Coal Exports Gather Steam - Editors, MMegi
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