RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

U.S. Salvation Is an Industrial Renaissance - Tom Stevenson, Telegraph
Gas Boom County Strives for Economic Afterglow - John Schwartz, NYT
The EPA vs. State Economies - Marlo Lewis, National Review Online
10 Reasons a Carbon Tax Is Trickier Than You Think - David Roberts, Grist
Blame Pols for 'LIPAsuction' - Nicole Gelinas, New York Post
Frack Companies Offer Olive Branch to Greens - W.R. Mead, Amer. Interest
Is It Time To Divest From Exxon? - David Ferris, Forbes
Global Warming Hysteria Killing Jobs - Paul Driessen, Washington Times
Why the World Bank Is Terrfieid of Global Warming - Brad Plumer, WaPo
Energy Security Problem Shifts to Asia - John Mitchell, Chatham House

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

America Is Energy Self-Sufficient with Oil to Spare - The Economist
U.S. Controls the Next Modern Era Geopolitical Shift - Borger/Elliot, NYP
Can Two Software Geeks Free Us From Foreign Oil? - Bill Tucker, RCEnergy
U.S. Is Future Energy Superpower - Thomas McClanahan, Kansas City Star
Is Giant Reed a 'Miracle Plant' for Renewables Industry? - Allen Breed, AP
A Smart Grid Will Get the Lights On Faster - Stephen Goldsmith, Gov'ng
Nuke Plants Need Protection Boost - Lipscy/Kushida/Incerti, Plain Dealer
A Contrarian Bets Against Shale Gas - American Public Power
U.S. Gets Sex Scandal, Canada Gets Oil Intrigue - L. Corbella, C'gy Herald
Frackers Win Big When Obama's EPA Does - Joshua Frank, CounterPunch
The Fossil Fuels War's Middle Class Casualities - Drew Johnson, Examiner
EPA Puts Green Lipstick on Agriculture Pig - W.R. Mead, American Interest
Can California Save the Planet? - Daniel Stone, National Geographic
Developing Europe's Green Budget - Jacques Delors, Project Syndicate
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