RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

BP Settlement Leaves Many Unsettled - Chris Kirkham, Huffington Post
Why $4.5 Billion Doesn't Get BP off the Hook - Paul Barrett, Bloomberg BW
Obama's War on Energy Is a War on Jobs - William Triplett, Wash Times
Shale Oil Won't Bring U.S. Independence - Kevin Bullis, Technology Review
The Myth of Cheap Natural Gas - Jamie Holmes, Slate
Does IMF Think We Have a Peak Oil Problem? - Kurt Cobb, CS Monitor
Germany Has Clean Economy the US Rejected - Osha Davidson, Bloomberg
Europe's Saharan Solar Dreams Fade - Joel Stonington, Spiegel
German Anti-Nuclear Effort Leads to . . Coal - William Tucker, Nuclear TH
The Pentagon Is Greener Than DOE - Lachlan Markay, The Foundry
Energy Literacy Should Cut Both Ways - Yadullah Hussain, Financial Post
What's in the Cards for the Smart Grid? - Doug Peeples, SmartGridNews
The Growing Energy Needs of the Internet - Jennifer Robinson, EC
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RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

BP's Settlement Not the Final Word in Spill Story - Steve Hargreaves, CNN
Criminality in the Gulf of Mexico Spill - Editorial, New York Times
BP Steadily Moving Beyond Gulf Spill Disaster - Jonathan Fahey, AP
The Settlement Is Less than a Quarter's Profits - Bryan Walsh, Time
A Rising Tide of American Oil Could Lift All the World's Ships - Quartz
Obama's War on Coal Powered by NatGas - Geoff Davis, RealClearEnergy
Does Obama's Re-Election Save Big Wind? - Elias Hinckley, CE Report
Big Wind Lukewarm Over Obama Victory - Tim McDonnell, Mother Jones
Thinking The Unthinkable In Energy Infrastructure - Margaret Ryan, AOL
The EPA's Dirty BIG Secrets - Peter Glover, Energy Tribune
Solar Power Debate Is Still Ongoing & Undecided - Jim Jones, New Age
The Best Solar Stocks: Fading into the Sunset - Eric Savitz, Forbes
Energy Stocks You May Be Thankful to Own - Claudia Assis, MarketWatch
Is the Senate Open to a Deal on a Carbon Tax? - Wayne Barber, EnergyBiz
Why the United States Won't Join OPEC - Loren Steffy, FuelFix
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