RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

5 Energy Goals for Obama's 100 Days - Christopher Jones, Huffington Post
A Vote for All-of-the-Above Energy - Denise Bode, Politico
An End to Climate Silence - Josh Rosenau, ScienceBlogs
3 Viable Paths to Fixing Climate - Auden Schendler, The Atlantic
Time to Wind Down Wind Subsidies - Sen. Lamar Alexander, Roll Call
Can Cap & Trade Reduce World Emissions? - John Miller, Energy Collective
New Carbon Tax Would Be Folly - Christopher Horner, OC Register
Myopia Confounds Canadian Opportunities - Kelly McParland, Nat'l Post
Germany: "Feel-Good" Subsidies No Help - Stephan Kohler, Der Spiegel
One Year With Solar - Mostly Sunny - Kevin Tofel, BusinessWeek

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

U.S. May Become Energy Independent After All - Robert Samuelson, WaPo
Celebrating America's Not Quite Energy Independence - Cliff Krauss, NYT
Could the United States Join OPEC? - Brian Palmer, Slate
How We Could Blow the Energy Boom - Jeff Leonard, Washington Monthly
Shades of Gray in Our Energy Choices - Bob Barr, The Hill
Peak Oilers Scoff at the 'New Middle East' - Peter Coy, BusinessWeek
How Vulnerable Is America's Power Grid? - Douglas Birch, Foreign Policy
The Big Wild Card Behind the Oil Boom Headlines - Michael Levi, CFR
Obama Puts Climate Change on the Back Burner - A. Restuccia, Politico
The Shift To Natural Gas Vehicles Is Happening - Joann Muller, Forbes
No, There's Not Gonna be a Carbon Tax - David Roberts, Grist
Iraq-Kurdistan Oil Showdown Intensifies - Stanley Reed, New York Times