RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Obama's 2nd Term: A New Path for Energy? - Jen Dlouhy, SF Chronicle
Oil Could Benefit From Obama Win - Swagato Chakravorty, Seeking Alpha
What Obama's Victory Means for the Earth - Tom Schueneman, EC
Enviros Press EPA on Fracking - Mark Drajem , Bloomberg Businessweek
Fracking Won't Slow in Second Term - Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Forbes
Sen. Reid: "Climate Is Important, Let's Discuss It" - Ben Geman, The Hill
Who's Responsible for Coal's Decline? - Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz
Could Romney Have Embraced Carbon Tax? - William Tucker, Nuclear TH
UK Shale Production Won't Start for 5 Years - Roxanna Zega, Bloomberg
Plant Vogtle Remains On Time, On Budget - Walter Jones, August Chronicle
Inside Largest Simulation of the Universe - Clay Dillow, Popular Science
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RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Carbon Tax Suddenly Part of Fiscal Cliff Debate - Valerie Volcovici, Reuters
Energy Economics: Dismal Science Deals with Good News - AOL Energy
Will Storm's Wall St. Impact Influence Carbon Policy? - A.R., NYTimes
New Yorkers, Welcome to the Third World - Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Forbes
U.S. Energy Future Back in Obama's Hands - David Unger, C.S. Monitor
It's Time to Cut the Power of Fossil Fuel - Bill McKibben, Los Angeles Times
The Coming Environmental Battlegrounds - Paul Driessen, Wash Times
The President's Climate Change Quandary - Sarah Laskow, Reuters
How Wind Credit Is Helping Washington - Rachel Shimshack, Seattle Times
Don't Expect EPA to Finish Off Thermal Coal - T. Brown, Seeking Alpha
Greens Outgunned w/ Michigan's Clean Energy Loss? - Dave Roberts, Grist
The Power Opportunity in Wasted Heat - Melissa Lott, Scientific American
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