RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

America Elects a Leader on Clean Energy - Francis Beinecke, EC
Obama Finally Talks Climate. Now What? - Brad Plumer, Washington Post
What's Next For Climate and Clean Energy? - Alden Myer , Climate Prog.
What Can Obama Do About Climate Change? - Kevin Bullis, Tech. Rev.
Hurricane Sandy Showed the Way - Steven Anderson, Huffington Post
Sandy Showed Need to Confront Energy - Kenneth Klemow, Times-Leader
This Wasn't About Sandy - James Fallows, The Atlantic
Coal Country Turned Out, But Not Enough - Debra McCown, Am. Spec.
Coal and Oil Stocks Feel Obama Backlash - Maureen Farrell, CNN Money
Ethanol Is Going Ugly - Mario Parker, Bloomberg Businessweek
Still Some Big Bets Left in Clean Tech - Katie Fehrenbacher, GigaOm
China Gets Antsy About Canadian Oil - Carolynne Wheeler, Globe & Mail
US Power Prices Will Continue to Rise - Glen Williams, AOL Energy
The Air Car Rides Again - Steve Rousseau, Popular Mechanics

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Election 2012 Energy Winners and Losers - Ben Geman, The Hill
Harsher Energy Regs Coming in O's 2nd Term? - Nichola Groom, Reuters
Don't Worry Big Oil, Obama Doesn't Hate You - Chris Helman, Forbes
Bureaucracy Could Kill U.S. Shale Gas Industry - Marin Katusa, OilPrice
Preparing the Power Grid for the Next Sandy - Steve Hargreaves, CNN
Is It Time for Climate Scientists to Get Political? - Brooke Jarvis, Atlantic
Is There a Bright Side for Chesapeake? - Russ Fischer, Seeking Alpha
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