RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Obama-Romney: Where They Stand on Energy - Mark Koba, CNBC
Climate Change: What's at Stake in Today's Election - Jason Plautz, ICN
U.S. Natural Gas Prices and the Election - Geoffrey Styles, Energy Collective
President Obama's Three-Front War on Energy - Robert Bradley, Forbes
Green Jobs Depend on an Obama Win - Elizabeth Dexheimer, BBW
Electric Grid Failures. Now the Gas Network? - Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Forbes
Utilities Face Biggest Restoration Challenge - Jon Hurdle, AOL Energy
Pro Sports Go Green. Do Fans Really Care? - Bryan Walsh, Time

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

A 9 Step Energy Plan for the Winning Candidate - Richard Stuebi, CSM
Time for a Continental Energy Boom - Andres Cala, Energy Tribune
Silicon Valley Needs Obama's Power Plan - Rep. Honda, Nat'l Journal
Natural Gas Pipelines Carrying...Crude Oil? - Bridget Hunsucker, Platts
Want to End Gas Shortage? Let the Gougers Gouge! - Art Carden, Forbes
How Sandy Killed the Energy Independence Myth - Steve LeVine, Quartz
No More Blackouts: Rebuild Grid Based on NatGas - W. Pentland, Forbes
Hurricane Sandy Boosts the Generator Makers - Caroline Winter, BBW
Climate Change Is Real and It Powered Sandy - Bob Corell et al, Politico
Climate Course Correction - Bjorn Lomborg, Foreign Policy
Texas: Going Down the Electric Road to Nowhere - Loren Steffy, Fuel Fix
Putting 'Sustainable' in Sustainable Energy Future - Jared Anderson, AOL
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