November 5, 2012

Was the Gas Shortage Preventable?

Cyrus Sanati, Fortune Magazine

A combination of bad policy and poor planning exacerbated fuel shortages in New York and New Jersey last week and over the weekend, creating yet another headache for residents impacted by Hurricane Sandy. With a lack of backup power at pipeline pumping stations and gasoline storage facilities, it has been difficult to deliver fuel to the hardest hit areas of the storm. . .

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The one-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy brings back acute personal memories for me and my family, memories we will not soon forget. My elderly father-in-law was without power in Manhattan for almost a week. And to bring him... more ››
October 16, 2013
Your Early Christmas Present: Low Gas Prices
Matt Smith, Energy Burrito
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October 15, 2013
Will Gas Prices End the Year Below $3 per Gallon?
Jeff Macke, Yahoo
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