RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Was the Gas Shortage Preventable? - Cyrus Sanati, Fortune Magazine
Prosperity Under North Dakotan's Feet - Gov. Ed Schafer, Human Events
Green Groups Oppose Green Energy - Bronson Stocking, The Foundry
The Geen Road to Serfdom - Robert Bradley, MasterResource
Nicole Foss on Renewables: Why No Nuclear? - Bill Tucker, Nuke Townhall
Hurricane Sandy Shows Nuclear Is More Than Safe - James Conca, Forbes
Can Natural Gas Cars Prosper Where EVs Couldn't? - M.F., Seeking Alpha
Cuban Waters Come Up Dry on Oil - Steven Bodzin, CS Monitor
Will Central Asia be Iran's Trade Savior? - Arzu Naghiyev, Trend News

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

How Sandy Crystalized the Presidential Race - Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz
The Energy Reality All Candidates Are Ignoring - J.L. Mueller, The Hill
Obama/Romney Avoid Energy Hard Truths - Heinberg/Butler, CS Monitor
Obama's Green Jobs Cost U.S. Big Bucks - Steil, Walker & Chouhan, Forbes
The Republican Rejection of a Green Future - Carl Pope, Bloomberg
A Dummy's Guide to the Gas Crisis Left by Sandy - S. Mitra Kalita, Quartz
Why the IPO Market Is Screaming 'Buy Energy' - Chris Preston, Nasdaq
Why You Need a Climate Change Portfolio - John Wasik, Reuters
Big Coal in Trouble as Production Costs Rise - David Roberts, Grist
The Artwork That Infuriated Big Coal - Michelle Nijhuis, Slate
An Epic Clean Energy Decision in Michigan - Maria Gallucci, InsideClimate
The Right Catalyst For Smarter Clean Energy Policy - M. Stepp, WaPo
Is Now the Perfect Time for a Carbon Tax? - Mijin Cha, Demos
EPA Hangmen Ready to Kill 1.7M Jobs - Thomas Mullikin, Wash Times
BP Plant Nix Dooms Cellulosic Ethanol's Future - Kevin Bullis, Tech Review
Is TransCanada Going the Way of Gazprom? - Daniel Graeber,
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