RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

The Battle for Fuel in New York City - Caitlin Dickson , The Daily Beast
How Climate Change Made Sandy More Destructive - Joseph Romm, EC
Why It Takes So Long to Restore Power in NYC after Sandy - Mashable
Hurricane Sandy: A Sign of the 'New Normal'? - Art Horn, Energy Tribune
Renewable Energy - A Dose of Reality - Nicole Foss, Market Oracle
Wind Energy: A Dangerous Delusion - Christopher Booker, Daily Mail
Is Wind "Greatest Subsidy Bonanza Ever?" - Owen Spottiswoode, FullFact
U.S. Natural Gas Prices and the Election - Geoffrey Styles, Energy Outlook
Energy Independence Is Not a Possibility - Michael Moran, Slate
Modern Soldiers Stay Powered Up with SWIPES - Margaret Ryan, AOL
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RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Gas Stations Scramble in Sandy's Aftermath - Jonathan Fahey, Yahoo
Should Gas Prices Be Soaring? - Felix Salmon, Reuters
East Coast Gas Shortages May Not End for a Week - Patti Domm, CNBC
A Grim Warning From Science - Bill McKibben, NY Review of Books
It's Global Warming, Stupid - Paul Barrett, Bloomberg Businessweek
Don't Blame Sandy on Global Warming - Ben Garrett, New York Post
How Likely Was Hurricane Sandy? - Michael Levi, Cncl on Foreign Relations
Who Obama and Romney Listen to on Energy: Part 2 - Elisa Wood, AOL
Why Does Old King Coal Still Rule the Roost? - Lisa Palmer, Slate
Exxon's Declining Output a Sign of the Times - Chris Helman, Forbes
Protests or Not, They Have a Pipeline to Build - Zain Shauk, Fuel Fix
An Energy Regulator Takes Aim at Wall Street - Protess/Merced, NY Times
The 'Curse' of Natural Gas and the Petronas-Progress Denial - Platts
Natural Gas Is a Big Boon to Israel - Deborah Yeldin, Calgary Herald
A Big Wind Begins to Blow from the Carribbean - Carl Dombek, EnergyBiz
Big Banks Brace for Launch of Carbon Trading - Phil Zahodiakin, AOL
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