RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Hurricane Sandy's 350K-Gallon Oil Spill - Charles Kirkham, Huff Post
How a Warm Earth Fueled Hurricane Sandy - Brian Reynolds, EC
Is There a Way to Stop Hurricanes? - Charlie Jane Anders, Gizmodo
Why Oil Prices Can't (And Won't) Collapse - Kent Moors, Money Morning
Fracking Has Lifted the Economy 1 Percent - Margaret Ryan, AOL Energy
Can UK Go Renewable Without Wind? - Duncan Clark, The Guardian
Wind Claims Are a Lot of Hot Air - James Delingpole, The Telegraph
Energy Independence for Political Pandering - Robert Bryce, Daily Beast
Michigan Can't Afford Expensive Mandate - Ken Sikkema, Holland Sentinal
Why a Green Entrepreneur is Voting for Romney - Elias Hinckley, CER

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Who Obama and Romney Listen to on Energy - Elisa Wood, AOL Energy
Why Can't Obama Articulate His Energy Strategy? - Lisa Margonelli, PS
What Can We Do About Climate Change Now? - Michael Levi, CFR
Is it Time Climate Got Some Respect ? - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Power Grid Failure: Where Do We Go from Here? - Peter Detwiler, Forbes
A Grid That Could Outsmart Hurricane Sandy - Editors, Bloomberg
Obamanomics, Solyndra & Crony Capitalism - Peter Glover, Energy Trib
Leave Energy Regulation to the States - Cory Gardner, Daily Caller
Pennsylvania's Shale Gas Boom Explained - Brad Plumer, Washington Post
Gas Golden Age Dims in Europe on U.S. Coal - Matthew Brown, Bloomberg
Iraq Must Tap Potential of Natural Gas - Saadallah Al Fathi, Gulf News