RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Anti-Energy in the Executive - Mark Hemingway, Weekly Standard
Obama Kills Coal - As Promised - Matt Patterson, Washington Examiner
Green Button: President Makes Right Call - Joseph Romm, Energy Collect.
Can Humans Adjust to Rising Temperatures? - Matthew Huber, Atlantic
EU Carbon Trading Sinking Like Titanic - Benny Peiser, Canada Free Press
Busting the Myths of Wind Energy - Tom Rowe, REVE
Wind Energy Headed Down Even With Tax Credit - Bill Opalka, EnergyBiz
Five Oil & Gas Trends You Should Care About - Mac Elatab, VentureBeat
North Sea Leaks Recalls Risks of High-Pressure Gas - Staff, FOX Business
Message From a GOP Meteorologist - Paul Douglas, Huffington Post

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

The Anti-Energy President - Peter Du Pont, Wall Street Journal
High Gas Prices Don't Impact American Behavior - Adam Davidson, NYT
Iran Not Obama to Blame For Oil Shock - Agustino Fontevecchia, Forbes
Oil Sanctions Could Cost Iran $50 Billion - Una Galani, Reuters
North American Energy Could Change the World - Victor D. Hanson, IBD
U.S. Oil Giant Now Ranks Behind a Chinese Upstart - MoneyWatch
Hubbert's Peak Oil Prediction Is Wrong - George Weurthner, CounterPunch
Russia's Far East Rising Energy Superpower - John Daly,
Market Not Subsidies Should Power Nat Gas Cars - Editors, Bloomberg
The Solyndra Sideshow Peters Out - David Roberts, Grist
Climate Scientists and Smear Campaigns - Michael Mann, CNN
A Dubious Green-Jobs Count - David Kreutzer, Tampa Tribune
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