RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Can Photo Ops Lower Gas Prices? Stay Tuned - Michael Scherer, Time
Keystone Pipeline: Separating Reality from Rhetoric - Chris Isidore, CNN
Is North America the New Middle East for Oil? - Geoffrey Styles, EC
Saudi Arabia Can't Save Us from High Oil Prices - Cyrus Sanati, Fortune
Why Do Gas Prices Differ Across States? - James Hamilton, Econbrowser
Trucking Industry Turns Its Attention to Natural Gas - Eric Tech, Forbes
Blame Chevron's PR Department for Brazil Fracas - Steve LeVine, FP
Is Nuclear Our Jobs & Energy Panacea? - Justin Velez-Hagan, FOX News
Canadian Showdown: Clean Economy vs. Oil Sands - Maria Gallucci, ICN
Tesla's Ambitions Fueled by Your Checkbook - Peter Eavis, DealBook

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Will Gas Prices Be Obama's Achilles Heel? - Ford O'Connell, CNN
More US Drilling Didn't Lower Gas Prices - Borenstein & Gillum, Bloomberg
Energy Solutions Matter, Not Blame - Brian Murray, National Journal
Is Romney a Craven Gas Price Panderer? - Ben Adler, The Nation
Extending Oil Fields With Pulsed Injection - Sebastian Thaler, AOL Energy
Solar Tariffs Provide Much Needed Certainty - Jerry Cutini, REW
U.S. Wimps Out, China Still American Solar King - Nigam Arora, Forbes
We Need Green Playing Fields, Not Just Level - Editors, Greenbang
Reckless US Nuclear Policy Has to End - Tulsi Gabbard, Huffington Post
Earth Is Still Warming . . . A LOT - Zachary Shahan, Planetsave
New Discoveries in Carbon Capture & Storage - James Burgess, OilPrice
The Clean Revolution Will Be Crowd Funded - Daniel Rosen, GigaOm
Solar's Cruel Twist in California - Russ Britt, MarketWatch
World Government Needed for Climate Change - Gary Stix, SciAm
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