RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Clean Energy Can Fuel Competitiveness - Daniel Esty, Harvard Biz Review
Obama's Energy Policies are a Failure - Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times
Marc Faber Talks Oil, Alternatives, and Nukes -
The Pressures of Our New 'Tough Oil' World - Michael Klare, The Nation
High Gas Prices & the Wisdom of Drilling - Peter Morici,
Who Gets Hurt the Most from Rising Gas Prices? - David Callahan, Demos
Fight Coal Pollution, But Not Like This - Cecil Roberts, Post-Gazette
U.S. Tangles With China Over Rare Earths Exports - Bryan Walsh, Time
Avoiding a Wind and Solar Trade War - Matthew Slaughter, CFR
Can Iowa End Food vs. Fuel Debate? - Leslie Suzukamo, Pioneer Press

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Obama Is Riding the Wrong Energy Horse - James Rust, MasterResource
U.S. vs. China: Get Ready for a Solar Trade War - Jigar Shah, EnergyBiz
Ubiquitous Energy: A Solar Game-Changer? - Susan DeFreitas, Earth Tech
Greens Wants to Repeal Industrial Revolution - Marita Noon, Examiner
Obama's Tanker Dilemma: Gas Prices vs. Unions - Matthew Robinson, CT
Natural Gas: An Energy Bridge to Nowhere - Joe Romm, Climate Progress
Finally, Some Good News for Fracking Fans - Christopher Helman, Forbes
Don't Dismiss Nuclear, Despite Its PR Woes - Colin Hunt, The Conversation
Living With the Risk of Meltdowns - Peter Burns, Huffington Post
Can China Kick Their Coal Addiction? - Richard Heinberg,
Workers: Those Left Out of BP Settlement - Rod Adams, Atomic Insights
Venezuelan Oil a Risky Investment for China - Kelly Heam, Wash Times
Iran Should Send the U.S. & Europe a Thank You Card - Daniel Ahn, CFR
Our 'Peak Oil' Reality - Tam Hunt, RenewableEnergyWorld
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