March 1, 2012

Big Oil vs. 'Morning in America'

Brent Budowsky, The Hill

President Obama can boldly reshape American politics and decisively revive the American economy by challenging oil speculators with an aggressive drawdown of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, sending Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Riyadh to urge a dramatic increase in Saudi oil production, fighting for a temporary surtax on speculative trades rebated to consumers through a temporary cut in the gasoline tax. . .

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For decades, the lack of a sensible U.S. transportation fuels policy hampered our ability to develop alternatives to oil’s stranglehold on the market. That all changed when the Renewable Fuel Standard was implemented in George... more ››
October 17, 2013
Oil Prices Would Skyrocket w/out U.S. Shale
James Clad, The Hill
Unheralded and unnoticed, American oil producers are helping stabilize global oil prices, which would be a lot higher if new U.S. oil supply, mostly from shale, weren’t reaching world markets. . . more ››
October 14, 2013
Big Oil Is A Green Scheme's Best Hope
W.R. Mead, American Interest
Research into one of the most promising future green technologies is stagnating. Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) can take carbon dioxide out of the air and store it underground, but not efficiently—at least not yet. . . more ››
October 18, 2013
Big Win for Big Oil on Ethanol Mandate?
Joao Peixe,
It seems to many that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is putting off a final decision on whether or not it will slash the 2014 biofuels mandate in order to calm markets, but the rumor mill has the market more anxious... more ››
October 25, 2013
Can Walmart Shake Up Renewables?
Ariel Schwartz, Fast Company
Given that it is the most massive retail store on the planet, Walmart is an unlikely champion for sustainable causes. But it has engaged in the past on issues ranging from local food and responsible sourcing to phasing out toxic... more ››