RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Rising Oil Prices: How Helpless Are We? - Geoffrey Styles, Energy Outlook
Thanks to Obama, America Is Running on Empty - Reince Priebus, FOX
More Drilling Won't Lower Gas Prices - Michael Conathan, Climate Progress
Newt Schools the President on Energy - Peter Ferrara, America Spectator
Big Oil vs. 'Morning in America' - Brent Budowsky, The Hill
Obama Gas Plan: Target the Oil Tycoons - Greg Sargent, Washington Post
Kelp Is on Its Way to Help - Thomas Pyle, Washington Times
A Surprise Turnaround for a Drilling Giant - Suzanne McGee, Fiscal Times
A Fresh Defense for Moving from Coal to Shale Gas - Andrew Revkin, NYT
Oil Over Troubled Waters - Kwei Quartey, CounterPunch

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

America's Domestic Energy War - Joel Kotkin, The Daily Beast
Is Gasoline for $5 a Gallon Inevitable? - Clifford Krauss, New York Times
Trying to Avoid the Ghost of Jimmy Carter - King and Goode, Politico
5 Myths About Gas Prices, Oil, & the Presidency - Paul Brandus, The Week
How T. Boone Fills His Tank for $1 - Richard Galant, CNN
Energy Has Boomed Under Obama - John Tomasik, Colorado Independent
Keystone Pipeline Claims Just Don't Add Up - John Schoen, MSNBC
Nat Gas Act is No Boondoggle - R. Emmett Tyrell Jr., Washington Times
What Future Does Nuclear Have in Japan? - Wieland Wagner, Der Spiegel
Let's Not Abandon Nuclear - Carolyn D. Heising, Des Moines Register
Sierra Club Celebrates 100th Coal Plant Closing - Michael Brune, Huff Post
How Renewable Mandates Affect One Town - Adam Jablonowski, D. Caller
Canada's Carbon Lesson: Just Put a Price On It - Chris Wood, LA Times
How the Dogma of Wind Hurts Communities - John Henley , The Guardian
5 Things We Learned at ARPA-E - Martin LaMonica, CNET
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