RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

Political Pit Bulls Distort Scientific Debate - Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz
Heartland Saga: A Climate Champion Cheats - Bryan Walsh, Time
Global Warming and Earthly Lies - Debra Saunders, SF Chronicle
Is Peter Gleick a Climate Hero? - Marc Gunther, The Energy Collective
Environmentalists Against the Environment - John Gordon, NRO
Does Obama Have the Power to Reduce Gas Prices? - Brad Plumer, WaPo
Is Obama's Political Fate Tied to Fuel Debacle? - Rex Nutting, MarketWatch
Natural Gas Boom Won't Stall U.S. Renewables - Christina Nunez, EC
Brazil Risks Becoming Jus One Big Petrobras - Kenneth Rapoza, Forbes
Venezuela on the Cusp of a Post-Chavez Oil Boom? - Steve LeVine, FP

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

Real Gas Price Solutions Take Time - Editorial, San Francisco Chronicle
Ten Points About Energy Independence - Matt Smith, Seeking Alpha
Six Ways Obama Can Lower Gas Prices - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, RCE
Gasoline Prices Aren't Rising, the Dollar Is Falling - Louis Woodhill, Forbes
Americans Need More Energy Choices - Peter Lehner, Miami Herald
Lessons from the Shale Revolution - Nordhaus & Shellenberger, American
We've Reached an Energy Watershed - John Deutch, EnergyBiz
Making Solar Competitive With Coal - Kevin Bullis, Technology Review
Vogtle Brings Back Nuclear Hysteria - Steve Skutnik, Energy Collective
Like It or Not, We Have An Energy Policy - David Lee Smith, Motley Fool
Maximize Safety = Maximum Fracking Potential - Editors, Bloomberg
Balancing the Energy-Water Nexus - Nathan Schock, Triple Pundit
Clean Energy Is Closer Than We Think - Derek Taylor, iol SciTech
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