RealClearEnergy Afternoon Edition

One Year Later, Fukushima Still Spinning - Jim Green, The Drum
Fossil Fuels Are Not Dead Yet - Tom Murphy, Energy Bulletin
Four Scenarios For the Future of Energy - Ariel Schwartz, Fast Company
Questioning Obama's Nuclear Agenda - Marylia Kelley, SF Chronicle
For Troubled Fisker, Problem is Not EVs - Lindsay Chappell, Auto. News
Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth - Phil Flynn, NASDAQ
Like Runaway Train, Nuclear Roars On - Karl Grossman, Huffington Post
EVs Are Not Personal Computers - Aaron Turpen, Torque News
Efficiency For Low-Income People - Madrid & James, CAP
Biofuels: Value vs. Volume - Geoffrey Styles, Energy Collective
Drilling Deeper on Independence Talk - Jon Talton, Seattle Times

RealClearEnergy Morning Edition

No Free Lunch in Our Energy Options - Robert Rapier, Energy Collective
The President's Wish List on Energy - Matt Wald, New York Times
What's Driving Up Gas Prices? - Matthew Philips, BusinessWeek
Is a Gas Dependency Looming? - Margaret Ryan, AOL Energy
Why So Much Political Energy Behind Solar? - Daniel Graeber, Huff Post
Which OPEC Player Benefits From Cuban Oil Boom? - Pierre Bertrand, IBT
Is America Poised for a Nuclear Renaissance? - Amy Harder, Nat'l Journal
Shedding Light on Residential Solar - Carl Johnson , Greener Ideal
Cleaning Coal is the Path Forward - Steve Miller, EnergyBiz
Overtaxing Oil to Subsidize Failing Alternatives - Pete Sepp, US News
Rising Gas Prices Seriously Threaten Obama - Ed Rogers, Washington Post
Will 'All-in' Energy Policy Bury Coal? - Erica Martinson, Politico
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