January 20, 2012

Why Wind Power Doesn't Work

Tim Worstall, Forbes

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A very interesting report out of Holland which has in it a little point which shows why wind power simply doesn’t work in any attempt to deal with climate change. My apologies, it’s a slightly technical point but still a sound one.

From a CO2-reduction perspective, the volume of CO2 thus saved by wind power is the CO2
otherwise emitted by a gas-fired plant. Gas-fired plants are at least twice as CO2 efficient as coalfired
plants. From that perspective the cost of investing in wind to reduce CO2 could be as high as
€85/tonne of CO2 saved (that is, from onshore wind investments; from offshore wind it would be around €170/tonne of CO2 abated). This is in sharp contrast to the current market
price, as developed in the ETS, of less than €15/tonne...

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