December 28, 2011

Japan Needs Energy, But Maybe Not From Canada

Dan Cayo, Vancouver Sun


Nothing can undo the tragedy of the March 11 tsunami that killed at least 16,000 people in northeast Japan — the final tally is still uncertain — and wreaked havoc that will cost more than a quarter of a trillion dollars to repair. . .

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December 16, 2011
Solar Cells Capture Lost Energy
Robert Service, Science Magazine
Researchers have created a new type of solar cell that captures some of the excess energy in sunlight normally lost as heat. So far, the new solar cells still convert sunlight to electricity at an efficiency well below... more ››
December 19, 2011
Renewables: 2011 Year in Review
Benajmin Wells, Foreign Policy Assoc.
2011 seems to have been a mixed year for renewables. At the research and development level, we have seen maturity in wind, electric transport, solar technology and great marketing which has fuelled record growth in these... more ››
December 28, 2011
Solar Power Failures Adding Up
Editorial, Orange County Register
Sooner or later, the laws of economics prevail, even in heavily subsidized industries like solar power. The latest evidence that government manipulation cannot overcome economic reality is the decision by BP PLC, the giant... more ››
December 27, 2011
Florida Can't Give Up On Renewable Fuels
Adam Putnam, Sentinel
For any Floridian who has had a boat motor damaged by gasoline blended with ethanol, it sounds like a great idea: Let's get rid of the state's ethanol mandate! This month a state House panel approved a bill to repeal the 2008... more ››
December 26, 2011
Evaluating Earth's Energy Budget
Tom Murphy, The Oil Drum
For me, the most delightful turn of events in the ultimate nerd-song “Particle Man” by They Might Be Giants, is that after introducing (in order of complexity) particle-man, triangle-man, universe-man, and person-man—and... more ››