December 27, 2011

What Is THE Energy Story of 2011?

Geoffrey Styles, The Energy Collective

At the start of 2011, I thought the hallmark of the year's energy events and trends might involve regulation, with the White House seeking to implement measures that couldn't garner enough support in Congress to become laws. But for every major new regulation issued, such as last week's release of the new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for power plants, others were delayed or deferred, including the EPA's effort to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act and the agency's proposed ozone standard. Outside of the utilities and other industry groups directly affected by these rules, it seems likely that 2011 will instead be remembered for big, unpredictable events like the Fukushima nuclear accident and the Solyndra bankruptcy scandal, along with several major trends that...

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December 21, 2011
Beaming Down Earth's Energy from Space
Jason Major, Discovery News
It's always sunny in low-Earth orbit, so what better place to look for a source of solar energy?With the end of "cheap oil" rumored to be rapidly approaching (if not already upon us), not to mention the effects of fossil fuel use... more ››
December 19, 2011
Energy Battles Will Rage in 2012
Restuccia and Geman , The Hill
The new year will bring the continuation — and perhaps escalation — of a suite of major energy and environmental battles.Here are some major issues E2 will be watching, in no particular order:Solyndra: House... more ››
December 22, 2011
A $4 Trillion Perfect Energy Storm
Jon Hurdle, AOL Energy
Utility customers face a "perfect storm" of sharply higher bills for electricity and natural gas because trillions of dollars in capital expenditure will be needed to upgrade aging US infrastructure and comply with environmental... more ››
December 21, 2011
International Energy Markets: A Year in Review
Shifra Mincer, AOL
As technology improves the world grows smaller and as it does energy markets have become more intertwined than ever before. more ››
December 14, 2011
Energy Key to Restoring National Power
Zachary Hubbard, Trib-Dem
 The elements of national power generally fall into one of four categories – diplomatic, informational, military and economic. In government circles, these are represented by the acronym DIME. Students of history know energy... more ››