December 23, 2011

Obama's Solar Smoot-Hawley

Green Lantern, The American Spectator


Watching President Barack Obama ruin the economy by repeating every mistake of the 1930s, the one thing you could say was, "At least he hasn't passed a Smoot-Hawley." Not anymore. The great amateur autocrat has now put his foot in it, kicking off a back-and-forth with China that is threatening to envelop other countries of the developing world, leading to who knows where. And what has set off this world trade war? Wouldn't you know, it's that wonderfully soft and beneficent solar energy, so clean, green and non-environmentally threatening, the darling of every liberal politician. In order to protect a domestic industry that literally lives off government subsidies, the President has embarked on a path that could take us directly back to 1931.

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