December 22, 2011

Colorado's 'All of the Above' Energy Future

David Hiller, Denver Post

Today's American energy sources for transportation, electricity and heat include: biofuels, coal, geothermal, hydro, natural gas, nuclear, oil, solar and wind power. What sources of energy will we rely upon in 2035? The simple answer is: all of the above. . .

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December 13, 2011
Why 2012 Will Be a Bad Year for Renewable Energy
Bryan Walsh, Time
The eyes of the environmental community were on the South African city of Durban over the past two weeks, as diplomats from more than 190 countries met for the annual U.N. climate-change summit. The talks ran 36 hours longer... more ››
December 19, 2011
Renewables: 2011 Year in Review
Benajmin Wells, Foreign Policy Assoc.
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December 16, 2011
Solar Cells Capture Lost Energy
Robert Service, Science Magazine
Researchers have created a new type of solar cell that captures some of the excess energy in sunlight normally lost as heat. So far, the new solar cells still convert sunlight to electricity at an efficiency well below... more ››
December 16, 2011
U.S. Dawdles, Germany Is Thinking 40 Years Out
Don Shelby, Minn Post
Germany has decided it is done with nuclear power. It has already shut down seven of its 17 plants, and the rest will be closed by 2022. Nuclear power makes up more than a quarter of all the electricity capacity in that... more ››
December 12, 2011
Our Outlook For Energy: A View To 2040
Everywhere, though, we see energy being used more efficiently and energy supplies continuing to diversify as new technologies and sources emerge.Other key findings of this year's Outlook include:Global energy demand... more ››