December 19, 2011

Don't Turn NRC Into a Reality Show

Rep. Ed Markey, Power Engineering

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"This report validates what I have known for some time: Chairman Jaczko has acted consistently with his statutory role to lead the Commission and its staff in a manner that best protect our nation. But rather than focus on the vital safety questions that are at hand, this report instead attempts to turn the goings-on at NRC headquarters into a new version of the reality TV show "Survivor," replete with overwrought emotional dramatizations. Instead of voting to apply the regulatory lessons of the Japanese nuclear meltdowns, this report, with the help of the four other NRC Commissioners, is an effort to vote Chairman Jaczko off the island for promoting the critical safety measures that are needed.

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December 14, 2011
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December 15, 2011
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December 16, 2011
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