December 5, 2011

What's Next At Durban? Ask the Experts

National Journal, National Journal

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What should negotiators seek to accomplish during this year's international climate talks? The United Nations' annual climate change conference takes place for the next two weeks in Durban, South Africa. . .

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May 17, 2012
Give Offshore Wind a Chance to Boom
Jacqueline Savitz, National Journal
Offshore wind, while thriving in other parts of the world, is a brand new industry in the U.S. In fact, while offshore wind has done well in Europe for the past twenty years, creating thousands of jobs and clean, renewable... more ››
May 7, 2012
Corn Ethanol: The Next New Coke?
Conrad Schneider, National Journal
How do you get Americans to pay for something they don’t really want in the first place? Most of the time – as in the case of New Coke, Harley Davidson Perfume, and the U.S. Football League – the answer is ... more ››
May 4, 2012
Sierra Club Escalates the Natural Gas War
Amy Harder, Nat'l Journal
The rocky relationship between one of the world’s most influential environmental groups and the natural-gas industry is headed toward full-scale combat. The Sierra Club is intensifying its natural-gas reform campaign and... more ››
May 14, 2012
Renewing Our Commitment to Innovation
David Holt, National Journal
The Brookings and Breakthrough “Beyond Boom & Bust” properly identifies how our misguided focus on existing renewable technology has led to this chronic “boom, bust” cycle. Unfortunately, this rollercoaster of growth. . . more ››
May 7, 2012
Can Geoengineering Solve Global Warming?
Michael Specter, New Yorker
Late in the afternoon on April 2, 1991, Mt. Pinatubo, a volcano on the Philippine island of Luzon, began to rumble with a series of the powerful steam explosions that typically precede an eruption. . . more ››