December 5, 2011

Green NGO Would Cost Consumers More

Alan Oxley, Washington Examiner


Reducing costs and broadening markets are vital to economic growth. Unfortunately, this is not obvious to everyone. Consider the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. It bills itself as one of the biggest conservation groups in the world. And with annual revenue of around $400 million, it is. . . 

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May 14, 2012
Another Obama Favor For His Solar Cronies
Donald Boudreaux, Examiner
Vice President Biden has never been one for understatement. Speaking to reporters in April, he declared that America's "energy policy is the best it's ever been. . ." more ››
May 17, 2012
Obama Doubles Down on a Bad Idea
Editorial, Washington Examiner
Speaking this week at a $35,800-a-head fundraiser at the Park Avenue apartment of the president of the nation's largest private equity firm, Barack Obama laid out his vision for collaboration between business and government .... more ››
May 7, 2012
Eco-Crusaders Losing Pubic Relations Battle
Matt Patterson, Examiner
Eco-warriors are losing the public relations battle on global warming -- and it's driving them batty. Take environmental writer Steve Zwick. Writing for, Zwick has called on so-called "climate deniers. . ." more ››
May 14, 2012
Are We Unfairly Penalizing Natural Gas?
Michael Greenstone, Brookings
Thank you Chairman Casey, Vice Chairman Brady, and members of the Committee for inviting me here today. My name is Michael Greenstone, and I am the Director of The Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution. . . more ››
A mixed portfolio of energy options has allowed Americans to enjoy long-term economic growth and prosperity. The federal government has engaged directly in developing each energy resource in the mix, although the dollar value. . . more ››