September 22, 2011

GOP Might be Anti-Science, But so are Dems

A. Berezow, USA Today

The notion that Republicans are uniquely anti-science is an oft-repeated theme in American political discourse. Every election cycle, Democrats salivate over opportunities to indicate how scientifically illiterate they believe Republicans to be. And all too often, the news media happily play along without pausing to analyze whether it is actually true. . .

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May 16, 2012
Energy Independence No Longer a Pipe Dream
Tim Mullaney, USA Today
Williamsport, Pa., used to be celebrated for its past — as the 1938 birthplace of Little League Baseball, which still plays its annual World Series nearby. Then natural gas was found. . . more ››
May 4, 2012
Jeffrey Sachs: Nuclear Only Solution to Climate
Fiona Harvey, Guardian
Combating climate change will require an expansion of nuclear power, respected economist Jeffrey Sachs said on Thursday, in remarks that are likely to dismay some sections of the environmental movement. more ››
May 9, 2012
Climate Change Theory Meets Reality
James Shott, Bluefield Telegraph
Two of the major concerns of environmentalists are manmade climate change, and in response to this theory, the absolute necessity of green energy sources to replace the relatively inexpensive conventional energy we now get... more ››
May 10, 2012
A Fresh Look at Clouds in the Greenhouse
NY Times Green Blog
Here’s a deeper look at some of the points explored by Justin Gillis in his article earlier this week on the persistent questions, and hints of answers, surrounding how clouds will respond as concentrations of greenhouse gases... more ››